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and proving it

3 October 1973
Dear assholes coming here to look for information to attack me with: Go right ahead. Most people will just realize that your life is so empty that your only source of pleasure is trying to hurt people online.

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I hate slash.

Anyone who worships a goddess but no god is as close-minded as the people they are rebelling against.

I'm an ex-Christian, not anti-Christian.

Layout info: Screencaps of "Casanova" used in my mood theme were taken by lovepollution.

Icons info: Any of the icons I'm using are takeable and shareable. Please credit the maker if possible. If I made the icon, please credit me and do not hotlink.

You Have a Melancholic Temperament

Introspective and reflective, you think about everything and anything.
You are a soft-hearted daydreamer. You long for your ideal life.
You love silence and solitude. Everyday life is usually too chaotic for you.

Given enough time alone, it's easy for you to find inner peace.
You tend to be spiritual, having found your own meaning of life.
Wise and patient, you can help people through difficult times.

At your worst, you brood and sulk. Your negative thoughts can trap you.
You are reserved and withdrawn. This makes it hard to connect to others.
You tend to over think small things, making decisions difficult.

You're a Slytherclaw!: By nature you are rational
and a realist. Some people may call you cynical
and elitist but this doesn't matter to you. You
don't depend on other people's opinions to
determine how you live your life. You are
generally cautious and prefer to weigh the
consequences before you act. In conflicts you
prefer to remain neutral and aloof. You value
intelligence and you are a natural diplomat,
you can convince people to do what you want
them to do. Your weakness is that you sometimes
think more with your head than with your heart
and it leads to isolation. With the
intelligence of a Ravenclaw and the subtlety of
a Slytherin you will be sure to achieve all
your goals!

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i'm in ravenclaw!

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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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What are people saying about me?
gretchallica sez: I find that the longer I know you the stranger you get! Not that it is a bad thing.........strange is refreshing.

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